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Filtration Pilot Handbook

The filtration pilot plant has been successfully employed to treat a wide range of hazardous organic micropollutants including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, colouring matter, surfactants and others, with removal efficiency up to 99.9%.
The filtration system is based on a series of adsorption columns; some of them contain claymicelle complex as adsorbent. The complex is able to adsorb and eliminate most organic pollutants and microbial contaminants from water. Moreover, other types of adsorbents can be used in this pilot plant and priority order inside the system can be changed, thus offering many options towards removal of many kinds of pollutants according to their properties. In addition, the filtration pilot plant is characterized by high flexibility, transportability and low economic
cost. The target users are families, farmers, little enterprises, handcraft enterprises and little communities.
This handbook provides a complete description of the filtration system and its main parts besides the operating method.