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Training course and Workshop - Potenza, May 2014

In the frame of the NANOWAT project, funded by the European Union through the ENPI-CBC-MED program, a Training Course is organized, in which participants will become familiar with conventional procedures
as well as advanced technologies in water treatment processes.

The training course will be divided in two section:
"Conventional & new water purification technologies" and "New approaches in advanced oxidation processes for water treatment".

This training course is open to researchers, students, technicians, and any other staff who is working or may be involved in the future in the water industry.

The course will end on Friday 16th of May, with a Workshop on “New challenges in water cleaning and recycling: needs, experimentation and future prospective in Mediterranean Countries”.
Based on current and previous studies, new technologies for water remediation and recycling in different real environments have been proposed.
During this event the challenges of water reuse practices will be discussed with regard to regulation, advanced devices for water treatment and social acceptability.

The workshop is open to private and public agencies dealing with any issue related to water industry, agriculture, little enterprises and final users